Sunday, November 17, 2019

Psychological Testing and Assessment of Adolescents Paper Research

Psychological Testing and Assessment of Adolescents - Research Paper Example Some educators have used intelligence assessment results to separate slow learners from quick learners. The technique has been effective in moderating educational materials for the different learners, with slow learners having longer lessons and more learning materials. Extra learning materials enable slow learners opportunity to get information from different sources, which strengthen understanding. Assessments involving achievement tests have proved practical tools for shaping school curricula. Achievement tests for learners come at the end of a course or a given level of education. The assessments help in determining the level of accomplishment of students, and comparing the results with expectations in the outside social and economic spectra (Ployhart & MacKenzie, 2011). The outcomes of such assessments guide curricular planners to analyze relevance of certain educational items. Where assessment outcomes in achievement tests are low, then it becomes compulsory for curricular planners to refine educational contents to fit expectations. Assessments in education have also been useful in determining admission of students into learning institutions, and promoting learners to different levels of education. Common assessments are in the form of class tests, and term and yearly examinations. Educators also use assessments to measure the extents the extents of transfer of knowledge to learners. The undertaking is usually in the form of questions during learning, and checklists used to mark performance of students in various subject contents. According to Cohen, Swerdlik and Sturman (2013), measures of general achievement are techniques for surveying learning in more than one academic area. General achievement measures classify learning areas in certain broad subsets. The most common subsets are reading, arithmetic, spelling and comprehension reading. The subsets have a

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