Thursday, November 21, 2019

Human Resource Management Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Human Resource Management Report - Essay Example different through the accumulation of relevant information and data; and (4) to write up the report in a way which relates evidence to theory, to provide an appropriate analysis and explanation of the situation described. The case of St. Luke’s Medical Center is hereby proffered to comply with the abovementioned requirements. People constitute an organization’s most important and vital factor in its success or failure. In order to function efficiently and effectively, people must be managed well. Human resources management is the art and science of dealing with people at work for the optimum achievement of individual, organization and society’s goals. While general management is the orchestration of all the resources, human resource management is limited to people management – their motivation, acquisition, maintenance and development. Human resources management solely involves man. Through and by men, the other m’s are acquired and utilized. The quality and utilization of the rest of the resources are almost always affected by decisions about and by human resources. Indeed, the accomplishment of the goals of an organization depends upon the availability and utilization of all these ingredients, the interaction of which, are people-caused. Due to the intricate and diverse characteristics, personalities, values, and preferences of people in the organization, it is only natural that problems on human behavior in organization exist. In this regard, this case report is written to address the following objectives, to wit: (1) ) to identify some HR situation which appears to be amenable to analysis using the course material wherein the situation must be sufficiently complex to generate enough material for the writing of a case which meets the indicated specifications; (2) to consider the concepts and general ideas discussed in class, and see which help make sense of the situation being described; (3) to engage in research activity which allows you to test

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