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Business Intelligence Information Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business Intelligence Information Systems - Essay Example There are many other roles of business intelligence systems as well (Mulcahy, 2012). The reason why companies use business intelligence systems is for the reason that they collect a lot of data from their business operations. Data are then stored, and in order to maintain and keep a check on these data, the business needs a reliable software such as MS Word and Excel and many other data keeping software and applications. Maintaining such data becomes complicated if two or more applications are used. That is why businesses use business intelligence software which provides adequate maintenance of all the data (Mulcahy, 2012). This paper aims to discuss two business intelligence software products along with their features and a description of their manufacturers. Spotfire The real factor of success for a business in terms of exploiting information in order to gain a benefit is ‘reporting’. When the reporting software of a business is down, it means that the software is not relaying information to the right people at the right time due to which decision making problems arise. Spotfire is business intelligence software developed by TIBCO which contains all the necessary functions (TIBCO, 2011). ‘TIBCO Software Inc.’ is a software company which manufactures business intelligence software amongst other infrastructure software for large and small business organizations. The software manufactured by TIBCO is used on-premise and or as cloud computing setting. There are many customers which enjoy the products built by TIBCO Inc (TIBCO, 2011). ‘Spotfire’ is business intelligence software which provides much optimized intelligence analytical applications for the maintenance and efficiency of data. There are plenty of features of Spotfire; it offers analytical software combined with visuals and an interactive component which allows companies to exploit their data and retrieve whatever data they want to. The main feature of the Spotfire software system is the fact that you can actually view your intelligence and the interaction pertaining to your business’s intelligence due to the fact that Spotfire has a very good data visualization interface (TIBCO, 2011). Spotfire’s technical and intelligent approach to business intelligence is aiding various business enterprises in increasing their performance efficiently. Finance companies use Spotfire to maintain and keep a check on compliance and risk, manage various selection tasks and maintain attribution analysis (TIBCO, 2011). Necto ‘Necto’ is very good business intelligence software which is manufactured by Panorama. Necto is the latest in the line of business intelligence products and what sets it apart from other business intelligent programs is the fact that it is a socially enabled intelligence solution which has been never seen before. The Necto software has a wide variety of features which are very beneficial to business and other organi zations; it offers a very innovative, ingenious and simple way to link data, analysis of the data and the people working in the company. Necto is a new technology which is more efficient and much faster; it is a generation of

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