Saturday, October 19, 2019

2 articles about wedding reception and wedding budget Essay

2 articles about wedding reception and wedding budget - Essay Example For a touch of lavishness, add smoked salmon, caviar, or a carving station with ham, turkey or roast beef. Season the menu with the cocktails of champagne/wine and fruit juice (Mimosa, Bellini), champagne and vodka (Bloody Mary) or vodka and fruit juice (Apple Martini). And, ofcourse, fine teas and coffee should not be missed! Advantages: This type of wedding reception is usually inexpensive due to lower catering expenses (even a lavish breakfast/brunch menu is usually cheaper than a full-course buffet or full-service dinner) and temperate drinking (due to morning time of the day). If you want to kick start on your honeymoon, this type of wedding reception leaves you with ample time to leave the same day. Disadvantage: It might be inconvenient for guests, who live far off, to travel all the way in the morning, so as to attend your wedding. Also, you might not get as long to get dressed up for the occasion. Lunch wedding receptions are most suitable for you if you prefer both: morning wedding and leisure time to get ready for the occasion (quite more time than what is allowed by the breakfast wedding reception) Advantages: Compared to breakfast wedding reception, there is more time for you to dress up. It is more convenient for guests also, who would drive down to the venue from far off places. Also, you can choose your favourite dinner dishes on the menu at a lower cost. All this, along with the opportunity to leave for honeymoon the same day! Disadvantages: Closing time of the lunch wedding reception has to be carefully adhered to if you are leaving for honeymoon the same day. Sometimes lunch wedding receptions don’t seem to wind up at all and become dragging for the new couple. Also, you need to work out the plan for the evening if you are not leaving for honeymoon the same day. Creative turn to the reception: Turn it into outdoor social gathering or picnic by making seating arrangements on the

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