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Analysis of Speech And Annual Report for Inclusion & Diversity

Question: Discuss about theAnalysis of Speech And Annual Report for Inclusion Diversity. Answer: Introduction Critical Analysis of any literature is the process of describing and analyzing what are the strong and weak aspects of it and how successfully it fulfills the responsibilities it is intended to (Foss 2017). The reason for composing a study is to assess some individual's work keeping in mind the end goal to build its reader's comprehension. A basic examination is subjective written work since it communicates the essayist's supposition or assessment of a content. Investigation intends to separate and concentrate the parts. Composing a basic paper requires two stages: basic perusing and basic composition. The characteristic features which make a critical writing proper is that it should have a clear outline of points it is a articulating apart from that it should not accept or refuse any point made in that particular article on literature. It should rather think about all the sides and comprehend what is actually valid in that particular article (Foss 2017). The representation has to be balanced and the conclusion that is taken out from analyzing the whole literature has to be a balanced aspect between negative or accepting the point made in that literature in a descriptive writing that is no arguments made there is no refuting or accepting any claims only a description is given, but in the case of critical review there is arguments made for and against this particular aspect. The effectiveness of a speech in an article has been articulated by Paul Grice. Communication must have effectiveness in order to persuade the person to whom the communication is made (Grice 1989). Grice had established some maxims with which he decided that a particular speech article literature can be judged of its effectiveness. The first Maxim is the Maxim of quantity a person gives information in order to persuade and that information in itself the impact of population. The Maxim of quality is not providing information but being truthful and dedicated in order to establish the facts and not just provide information without any emotion. The effectiveness of a speech on an article has been articulated by Paul Grice. Communication must have effectiveness in order to persuade the person to whom the communication is made. Grice had established some maxims with which he decided that a particular speech article literature can be judged of its effectiveness. The first Maxim is the Maxim of quantity a person gives information in order to persuade and that information in itself the impact of population. The Maxim of quality is not providing information but being truthful and dedicated in order to establish the facts and not just provide information without any emotion. The maxim of relation is where one person tries to be relevant to the topic of discussion, provides logical arguments. On the other hand Maxim of manner in which a person is very brief clear to the point and orderly In the following paragraph the speech by Urvashi Vaid who is a gay right activist will be analyzed, the report of Apple Inc which talks about diversity analysed as well in a critical manner. The different tools that will be used in the process are Dilts Logical Levels and Grices Maxims. Speech Analysis The speech which is taken for analysis is delivered by Urvashi Vaid a gay rights activist in USA 1993. She starts by addressing the lesbian and gay Americans and the use of the term ' proud" is very important in this context, it is usually seen people who belong to the gay lesbian transgender community they are not of their sexual orientation this is because the social table that has been associated with this community from ages so she started her speech by the words that she is proud to stand as a lesbian today (Nava and Dawidoff 2014). She asserts that time has come honor and equality to be taken back by the community which they have lost because pictures of social Taboo. She talks about building a bridge, a bridge which will take people to a land where there is no suffering or prejudice towards any community gender sexual orientation color or Creed. it must be said here that the way she speaks is strong and assertive, she is not just making her points but she is demanding justice equality which the community deserves to get. We have come to challenge the cowardly Congress to end its paralysis and exercise moral leadership. We have come to defend our honor and win our equality (Vaid, 1993). This is that the people of LGBT community are not wondering anymore wilderness. The days of being afraid is gone this time to act in a way that change is brought to the society and the discriminating behavior of men is uprooted. Now the person speaking makes a point that the organizers have requested her to speak on the far right. Sister by saying that right which seek Supremacy are wrong morally, spiritually politically. Critically analyzing this section of the speech it must be said that if a change is to be brought in the society political class with the left the center and the right has to be brought on the same platform and they have to be convinced about this movement. Making any one of this political class estranged will be harmful movement to thrive among all. Spea ker believes that the far right has been trying to destroy the bridge which can reconcile the LGBT community with the normal USA American way of life. She has gone into saying that the Christian supremacists are wrong spiritually when the demon eyes us. But it should be known widely that today there are many Christians who support gay rights and they take part in many activities which are for the rights of the gays and lesbians (Hirshman 2012). Using the word Christian Supremacy is not correct in this context the speaker could have been only saying that religious fanatics on religious bigots who are opposing the gay rights instead of uttering the name of one particular religion. However she very expertly puts forward her point of reclaiming the gay rights and establishing equality in America. According to Grice maxims the speech is in the mode of Maxim of quality and Maxim of relation. the Maxim of quality is where one in the world to be truthful and honest and there are no information that can be designated as false, however it is not just give information it is like being truthful and giving one's viewpoint. In the Maxim of relation there are relevant discussion happening so there is no information that is out of context or that is not needed (Vogel et al 2013). Annual Report Analysis The annual report is of Apple Inc. We depend on the contributions from our outstanding women leaders. Twenty-nine percent of our leaders are women, Diverse teams make innovation possible. Our female representation is steadily increasing, and were proud of the progress were making, all these statements in the annual report reflect the importance Apple Inc is giving towards women empowerment and participation. All over the world all important companies are increasing their efforts to empower the women in all possible ways, by increasing participation and introducing them to leadership. Apple in its annual report has included empowerment of various other underrepresented communities of America. 50% of new hires are from historically underrepresented groups in tech, From July 2016 to July 2017, half of our new hires in the United States were from historically underrepresented groups in tech women, Black, Hispanic, Native American, and Native Hawaiian Other Pacific Islander. (Apple.com. 2018) Analyzing the annual report of Apple Inc it is quite evident that the company is thinking more about humanitarian project humanitarian activities that will be inclusive and that will not be what causes discrimination or distinction between different genders, Creed, religion, class, or colors. It must be said that the way Apple puts all these into perspective is somewhat naive, it is evident that a company must include women representatives and that should be more than 50% in the ideal situation, Apple only has about 30% of that number (Rhode 2016). They must increase the women participation so that there is a balance and equality in the gender gap. The 'consistent levels', first proposed by Robert Dilts, are regularly utilized as a part of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), yet give a supportive structure to taking a gaze at what's going on in any individual, gathering or association. They characterize six levels of reasoning or circumstance: condition, conduct, capacity or ability, convictions, personality and deep sense of being, and are normally envisioned as a chain of command (Wiseman et al. 2012). Apple Inc. is having an employee base of more than 130000 people, and the changes they are brining at small levels are bringing change to the lives of thousands of people. Condition, conduct, capacity or ability, convictions all these characteristics are weighed in the most effective way by Apple in the Annual report. Comparison The speech by Urvashi Vaid is very strong in its efforts to establish the argument that it is high time that gay rights are recognized. She has used before means of metaphors examples and strong statements explore various ways in which the LGBT Americans can have established their rights. no she has not provided much data on Statistics in favor of her speech to show that what she is saying is material issue on ground but she uses a large number of examples metaphors and strong statements to say that the extreme right radicals who are not willing to give the gays their right must be eliminated in order to establish the rights and equality of all. However she could have used more real cases statistics and numbers which would establish that what she is saying is very true materially on the ground in the United States of America. That can be considered as one of the weak points in her speech. however it is true that historically some right wingers who are fanatics have tried to establish their own Supremacy over any other kinds of people with other preferences. Apple on the other hand is actually using statistics numbers to show that how the company is trying to remove any kind of discrimination from the company recruitment policy and includes the diversity of all kinds and women empowerment (Holton and Dent 2012). Apple is not making any high claims they are not making any strong statements against anyone, they are just doing the job on ground and recruiting people from all historically low represented background on Women in the maximum number they can. This is very strongly establishing a tradition of empowering all the people who are not yet properly represented everywhere. However, one of the similar points in both of these two literature, the speech of the gay rights activist, and secondly the annual report of Apple, is that in the present situation the right given to the minorities are not enough and there has to be more efforts in order to bring equality in the society. That is one aspect that reflects from both of these literature if compared because if there had been properly given to everyone then there would be no need of protest or any kind of mention of recruitment of people from various categories. The annual report of Apple is according to Grice Maxim of quantity and the maxim of manner. In Maxim of quantity maximum information is provided to the listener or the reader or the viewer, and in the Maxim of manner information is provided briefly and only the relevant things are spoken. Conclusion Thus it can be concluded that by critical analyzing the two pieces of literature given in this paper found that the common ground is to establish rights and equality for the people who are underrepresented and who does not have much voice to speak in the political scenario. Both the activist and the company are trying in their ways to empower people who are not yet empowered and are cornered by extreme right wing supremacist. The critical analysis has helped in finding out the flaws and gaps in both these literature and also in establishing what are the strong points in them. A better understanding of both the speech and the annual report is gained. Reference: Apple.com., 2018.Inclusion Diversity. [online] Apple. Available at: https://www.apple.com/diversity/ [Accessed 15 Apr. 2018]. Benton, M.A., 2016. Gricean quality.Nos,50(4), pp.689-703. Foss, S.K., 2017.Rhetorical criticism: Exploration and practice. Waveland Press. Grice, H.P., 1989.Studies in the Way of Words. Harvard University Press. Hirshman, L., 2012.Victory: The triumphant gay revolution. Harper Collins. Holton, V. and Dent, F.E., 2012. Women and Leadership. InWomen in Business(pp. 78-94). Palgrave Macmillan, London. Nava, M. and Dawidoff, R., 2014.Created equal: Why gay rights matter to America. St. Martin's Griffin. Rhode, D.L., 2016.Women and leadership. Oxford University Press. Vaid, U., 1993.Gifts of Speech - Urvashi Vaid. [online] Gos.sbc.edu. Available at: https://gos.sbc.edu/w/vaid.html [Accessed 15 Apr. 2018]. Vogel, A., Bodoia, M., Potts, C. and Jurafsky, D., 2013. Emergence of Gricean maxims from multi-agent decision theory. InProceedings of the 2013 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies(pp. 1072-1081). Wiseman, R., Watt, C., Ten Brinke, L., Porter, S., Couper, S.L. and Rankin, C., 2012. The eyes dont have it: lie detection and neuro-linguistic programming.PloS one,7(7), p.e40259.

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